can you help?


pink william incorporated is a grass-root non-profit arts organisation that wants to support and inspire an inclusive and integrated local arts community here in Balaclava, Melbourne. our william st home is a creative office used by local artists to make, explore and connect.

we are presently working with the city of port phillip to obtain appropriate building and planning permits to continue to run workshops and events.

in order to comply with australian building regulations for an event space, we are expecting building upgrades to cost approximately $25,000. these upgrades, and the associated permit application processes must be completed before we can continue to run community creative events at pink william. the building upgrades relates to fire safety, accessibility, bathrooms and flashing lights.

we’re going to try to meet these requirements and become a sustainable local presence. and we wonder if you can help achieve this outcome:

pink william is urgently seeking support from a building surveyor willing to offer pro-bono services. if you, or someone in your network, may be able to help – we would be deeply appreciative. from february onwards, we’ll be seeking the support of buiders and tradespeople to support the upgrade process.

we will also be seeking funds, and in the coming months we will announce fundraising projects. in the meanwhile, please read here about becoming a pink william community member.

if you have any advice, contacts, information or tonics, we would love to hear from you.

– the pw lab