be part of an imaginative community, action what matters to you, and help sustain your grass-roots non-profit creative love affair.

why be involved with pink william?

pink william is a non profit organisation committed to fostering an inclusive, integrated and active local arts community in balaclava, melbourne. we connect and support local artists, and celebrate imagination, critical thought and open exchange.

you can visit pink william, meet us and spend some time working here at our art studio whenever you would like. please contact us.

artist tenancy

the aim of tenancy is to offer artists and community regular use of pink william. suitable to people interested in regular use of the studio for the purpose of exploring and nurturing creative channels and ideas.

part-time tenancy, 2 days per week using our shared working spaces is $70 per month. you can pay monthly, or quaterly.

permanent space tenancy is priced between $50 and $150 per week depending on the size space. You also have access to the rest of the studio. we appreciate if you can give us 1 month notice before leaving a permanent space.

all tenants get 24 hour access with key to pink william, and a locker.

before starting a tenancy application, please email us at please also check out these tenancy terms.

become an artist tenant