an ideas space for meaningful projects and collaborative exploration

open now

creative tenancies are available now in our balaclava art studio. click here

what is this

pink william is a non-profit arts organisation located in balaclava, melbourne. we are made up of creatives, artists, place makers and thinkers. our home is a 170 square metre warehouse frontage.

we envision an integrated, active and inclusive local creative community, and are fueled by a belief that we can be moral agents, affecting both small and large-scale change in ourselves and our communities.

what do we do

we come together, share and create. we dream, discuss and act. pink william is a collective of imaginations and intentions. we share in communal working space and explore personal and collaborative creative ideas.

artist tenancy

pink william is open for artists and community, local and distant. you may like to be a tenant, a member or participate in a project.

permit said what?

you may have heard about our current building issues. please read more about it here, maybe you can help?.